A Statement from “Carly’s Club”

Carlys ClubSteadfast Foundation and Ryan Miller are recognized for their support of, and ongoing commitment to helping children and families cope with the challenges of pediatric cancer treatment.

Beginning in November 2007, funding from the Steadfast Foundation has provided support to Carly’s Club group outings and special events to help children and families cope with the rigors of pediatric cancer treatment. These activities also help families connect with other families facing cancer. Additional programs benefiting from Ryan’s support include: social work and school intervention assistance to help children succeed in classes; the annual Cancer in the Classroom program for families and educators; and programs run in the Pediatric Center at Roswell Park for inpatients, including mentoring, patient milestone parties and the provision of laptops to help children communicate with loved ones and friends.

Ryan Miller has quickly become a hero to children facing cancer due to his on- and off-the-ice leadership. Ryan’s involvement with Carly’s Club has gone beyond the Steadfast partnership – he has become a member of the Carly’s Club family. Amidst his busy schedule, he finds time to spend with Carly’s Club members and their families at many of our special events and spends extra time visiting kids in the hospital. When visiting with a patient, Ryan elicits joyful smiles from both the patient and parents alike with his warm sense of humor and kind nature. More still, Ryan provides Carly’s Club members the opportunity to cheer on the Buffalo Sabres in his suite – a chance for Carly’s Club families to escape the difficult experience of dealing with cancer and an opportunity to show their support of Ryan and his teammates. Carly’s Club salutes Ryan for his generosity, support and friendship.