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Advanced Neuro-Rehab Study

The Steadfast Foundation teams with MCO Technologies and Pneumex, Inc. to conduct two-phase study utilizing fluid intelligence and smart gravity to advance rehab for neurologically challenged individuals.


What are we doing:

A multi-step study combining existing technologies oriented towards building new protocols for rehabilitation of certain patients in neurologically challenged populations.

The first technology is the MoonWalker™, a multi-planar body weight support system (BWS). from Pneumex featuring inverse (smart) gravity. The second technology, the MCO™ Band from MCO Technologies, is a wearable device that measures change in selected electroencephalogram (EEG), heat rate variability (HRV) and pulse oximetry data patterns, collected with forehead measurements (pre-frontal).

The goal is to rehabilitate neurologically challenged people by providing a safe and stress-free environment utilizing physical and neurological data to establish a base line to facilitate and measure progress. Employing the MCO™ Band, the MoonWalker™, and introducing whole-body vibration in the second stage of the study, will help create a relaxation quotient that will lead to more sophisticated and effective patient protocols and significantly better outcomes.


How does it work:

Many psychological functions are significantly reduced as a result of stress. Examples of these functions, also referred to as Fluid Intelligence (Gf) include: attention/concentration, working memory, problem-solving, creativity, etc. Within the brain there is a system called the Resting State Network (RSN) which is highly sensitive to the impact of stress and can be measured by Micro-Coherence Oximetry™ (MCO™). The MCO™ measurement can be intentionally improved by artificial intelligence machine learning engines. This process is substantially easier and less expensive than other methods such as … and can help produce many more data sets.

One of the biggest challenges in working with the neurologically challenged population, or any rehabilitation population, is moving people from a tense or guarded state (sympathetic) into a relaxed (parasympathetic) state. This is where the MoonWalker™ comes into play. Inverse (smart) gravity allows the therapist to control the degree of weightlessness which makes the patient feel less afraid of falling and able to accomplish more rigorous exercises.  


When will this occur, and what do we expect to get out of it:

January 2022- March 2022

This study will happen in two phases, totaling 12 weeks:

  • Phase One (6 weeks): A psychologist and a physical therapist will study four people by setting baseline questionnaires and physical testing protocols. Patients in each session will utilize the MCO™ Band and MoonWalker™ technology and be monitored throughout to document changes. From phase one we hope to use objective data collected to show significant improvements in each subject compared to industry norms.

  • Phase Two (6 weeks): Whole body vibration will be added to the sessions for phase two. Treatment and monitoring will resume as in the first phase. At the end of phase two we hope to be able to do two things:

  1. Provide objective data as to progress made

  2. Demonstrate significantly better outcomes than have been historically accomplished


Once we have established efficacy using the MCO™ Band, the MoonWalker™, and whole-body vibration together the data will help to establish protocols within different populations. A complete review will be held and a plan to maximize future patient potential will be completed.

If the outcomes and future direction follow the path we expect then this study will significantly advance protocols for virtually all disciplines within the Physical and Psychological Therapy worlds.




What we are asking for:


 $200,000.00 to fund phase one of this important study. Please use The Steadfast PayPal Donation button below to help fund this study or send a check made out to The Steadfast Foundation and send to The Steadfast Foundation, PO Box 77, East Lansing, MI 48826.

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