Individual Community Fund a FreeWheel

Whether it is family member, friend, someone you know in your community, or yourself lets work together for a great cause.

The Steadfast Foundation wants to work with you and your community to provide funding for a FreeWheel Wheelchair Attachment.

The FreeWheel allows those in a wheelchair to expand their range of mobility. The FreeWheel attaches to the existing wheelchair and allows wheelchair users to push over surfaces that would typically be impossible.

The Steadfast Foundation will provide the platform you need for your campaign. Along with self-promotion within your community (church, interest group, family, friends, sports team, etc.), The Steadfast Foundation will also market to our social networks. If more money is raised than the target goal then that money will be donated to another deserving FreeWheel candidate. Together we can make a positive impact on many lives and bring them the mobility, independence, and freedom we all deserve!

How to get started:

  • Nominate a candidate
  • Email and provide us with pictures and information about the deserving candidate to build an initiative page for our website
  • In addition please provide the following information to help us speed along the process of receiving the FreeWheel Wheelchair Attachment:
    • Is the wheelchair user a pediatric or adult
    • Make and model of wheelchair
    • Rigid or folding wheelchair
    • If rigid wheelchair, is it a fixed or folding footplate
    • Measurements of footplate (please also provide pictures of the footplate):
      • Height from the ground to the top of the footrest in the front AND in the back
      • Depth of the footrest (from front to back – so we can determine footrest angle).
  • Once the page is up, share with your community! With our social share option you can easily connect everyone via Facebook, Twitter, and email to your crowd fund
  • Donations will be made through our website and you can track your progress on the page (We accept PayPal and credit/debit cards)
  • Once the target goal is reached The Steadfast Foundation will send the nominee their FreeWheel!