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Kasey Aiello

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My name is Kasey, I’m turning 40 this year and it has almost been 20 years since I last rode my mountain bike. I loved my bike and truly miss being out in nature ripping and exploring the unknown, my heart aches a bit remembering just how much joy it brought me. 
Life has taken me on an insanely wild ride and I’ve been all over the world since I’ve been in a chair. I’ve played multiple adaptive sports since breaking my neck snowboarding, but the people I’ve met and  connections I’ve made along the way have been absolutely amazing - I wouldn’t change a thing. 
I want to continue living my life to the fullest and I see all of the possibilities that a Reach could provide for me. From just getting back out on the trails with my friends, to actually playing in nature with my family independently. Truly tasting freedom again in this capacity brings a long lost smile back to my face as I honestly never thought this could happen again. 
I look forward to building new friendships and restoring old ones with a passion for biking that has been hibernating for almost two decades. I am a mom so obviously my style is a bit more tame, but there is still a ton of energy stored up to be released if this dream comes true. 
The Reach and adaptive technology has come so far and even with limited hand function this can become my reality, please help me make it happen, you will not regret it.