Daniel Kotter

Community Fund a FreeWheel for Daniel Kotter

$300 of $600 raised

Daniel Kotter is a 41 year old father of 4 and husband to his wife of 3.5 years. Dan's life was forever changed when he woke up paralyzed from the waist down after breaking his back in a construction accident little over 5 years ago. Dan fell almost 30 feet while building a home for a friend. As a result of the Fall, Dan had shattered his lumbar spine, broken his S2-4 spine, punctured a lung, broken his pelvis and fractured his tibia and fibia.

Prior to his accident Dan was on top of the world in most areas of his life. He was an incredible home builder and has built hundreds of homes throughout Utah, Salt Lake, and we were counties. He owned his own framing company for several years and was known for his precision and quality. He also worked at Kennecott mines drilling on a big rig and spent some time in the oilfields working in extreme conditions.

Daniel's Love for building was second only to his love of law enforcement. He served the community for nearly 12 years in law enforcement. Dan began his career as a corrections officer and moved on to transportation and Expedition. He also served on the riot and civil disorder team during the Olympics, special actions team for the sheriff's department, and was on the honor guard. He was a field training officer while serving as a patrol officer for about 5 years.

Dan spent almost 2 years in therapy trying to revive what little muscles he had left in his legs. He developed ways to get around every obstacle he faced. He even got to the point where he could pull himself up and could stand if he was leaning against something. With leg braces and a walker Dan achieved The Impossible and walked slowly around the track in therapy. With so many roadblocks and challenges along the way Dan has been able to rise above his disability and adapt daily to his new world, and continues to live a life full of fun and determination. In the last 4 and 1/2 years in between 6 major surgeries a spinal infection that took several months IV antibiotics to clear and excruciating constant nerve pain, Dan has lived life to the fullest. He has completed 5 marathons on his hand cycle completed a tough mudder, gone paragliding, mountain biking, and cross-country skiing. Dan has taken his family camping kayaking, whitewater rafting, fishing, swimming, Etc. Dan bought two homes and remodeled his home building shelving units in his garage, he laid wood laminate and tile flooring throughout the house, refinish closets, baseboards, build a fire pit, and continues to fix vehicles for his family and friends, Dan also enters his own car into car shows. Dan is married to the love of his life who is currently pregnant while continuing to be an extraordinary Daddy to his two beautiful girls and two stepsons. Physically and mentally, Dan is an incredible inspiring person. He has a contagious smile and courageous and strong personality and is a positive influence to all he comes in contact with.

Dan will be participating in the LIMBitless Challenge 2018 at Table Rock. The FreeWheel will allow Dan to safely tackle the rough terrain of Table Rock with more ease.

We at The Steadfast Foundation want to help provide Dan a FreeWheel Wheelchair attachment, BUT we need your help! As a community let us all come together to spread the word and to raise the funds needed for Dan’s FreeWheel.


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