FreeWheel Folding Wheelchair Adaptor


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Can FreeWheel Be used with a folding wheelchair… The answer is YES!

With a few simple steps and minimal tools, folding wheelchairs can go anywhere a FreeWheel can go.

Check out our Setup Video to find out how easy is it »


  • Need 2.5” of round, horizontal side tubing to attach Folding Wheelchair Adaptor. May be angled, as long as the sides are parallel.
  • Round horizontal tubing may be 1″ or 1-1/8″ in diameter.
  • Width between horizontal tubing 13″ to 19″.
  • Side tubing height: 2 footrests 6″ to 16″. Single footrest 10″ to 16″.
  • FreeWheel clamps on to “HITCH”.
  • Easily remove Adaptor by unscrewing knobs on side tubing.
  • Maximum height 4″ on single footrest.
  • Weight 3 lbs.


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Weight 3 lbs