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Individual Donation

Donate money to The Steadfast Foundation for the general cause or an individual initiative. You can donate directly on the website or send a check to our PO Box address below.


Corporate Sponsorship

Provides corporate team building opportunities that will inspire and fulfill your employees, as well as build a lasting positive relationship with the adaptive community. The selected individual or organization will benefit from your generosity and is able to reintegrate into nature.


Crowdfund / Fundraise

Start a general crowdfunding page on our website and raise money through your community! You can also have a fundraiser in your community then donate the proceeds. This is a great gift idea to have friends and family donate to a good cause in honor of your birthday, wedding, graduation, etc.


Nominate an Individual

Could you or someone you know benefit from adaptive mobility solutions? Nominate them or yourself to start an individual crowdfund on our platform. We are currently working on starting a grant program.


Email to learn more about the following ways to give.

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