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Jack, 16, Cerebral Palsy

Jack was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy when he was four months old. He is unable to walk without the assistance of a walker or ride a regular mountain bike. Jack loves action sports and has ridden a sit-ski at his local mountain for a long time. Before finding the Bowhead Reach, he had never thought about mountain biking.

The Bowhead Reach provides Jack with many opportunities: mountain biking with friends and family, more independence, and assistance with other activities.

"When I’m riding my Bowhead Reach, I feel free, as if nothing can get in my way. I get a great adrenaline rush when I’m downhill mountain biking, hitting jumps, and shredding all terrains." - Jack

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Richie, 11, Cerebral Palsy

Richie lacks mobility in his lower body caused by spastic diplegia cerebral palsy. However this diagnoses does not keep Richie from amazing adventures.

Richie enjoys shredding in his Bowhead Reach on the adaptive trails at Whistler Bike Park. He also recently hiked Grouse Grind, though it took him over 11 hours he didn't give up.

“Get back up again,” is their family motto. “Richie does fall over a lot, whatever he’s doing – walking, skiing, mountain biking – but we always get back up again.

“I would say that covers all of the challenges he faces. He’s extremely persistent, he never gives up.” - Richie's father, Richard.


Dean, 16, Spinal Cord Injury

Dean was injured in a ski accident at Arapahoe basin in Colorado. He was on the back bowls and doing a jump and ended up losing his footing and thought he was coming down on the snow, but there was a rock under the snow. He came down on the rock, right on his back. He had an L1 burst fracture and bone fragments in his spinal column.  He also had a compression fracture at T7. Dean had surgery after being airlifted to the hospital.

Dean loves to mountain bike and ski. With the assistance of the Bowhead Reach, Dean is able to get back to the mountains and do what he loves.

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